College/University Liaison

Our Continued Partnership Work with Saddleback Community College

by Laurie Jacobs and Marion Simon, Saddleback Liaison Co-Chairs

Saddleback Liaison co-chairs Laurie Jacobs and Marion Simon met via Zoom with Faculty Representative Dr. Ari Grayson and with Tram Vo-Kumamoto, VP for Instruction, on September 27, 2021, for the purpose of discussing plans for the upcoming year. Saddleback College is continuing to offer about 2/3 of their classes by online streaming. It is hoped that by the beginning of Spring Semester, more in-person classes will be possible. If this happens, AAUW-SCCB will offer to fund a new 3-year license for AAUW’s Start Smart Salary Negotiation Workshops. Funding is made possible through a grant by SDG&E. The workshops have been very successful in prior years, and both the college and AAUW hope to resume the program.

In the meantime, Laurie recommended that they continue to encourage students to take the online Work Smart course that AAUW continues to offer. In addition, AAUW and Saddleback College both expressed their hope to participate in voter registration activities and speaker/film presentations through the on-campus AAUW Club.

Saddleback representatives also stated that they would like to send two students to the NCWSSL (National Conference for Women College Student Leaders) Conference if it is offered in-person next spring.

Helping local students succeed on our colleges’ campuses is, directly related to AAUW’s mission. We hope you will join us!Saddleback graphics