December Funds Update: Our Time to Commit
by Susan Rosenberger and Barbara Karr, Funds, Co-VPs

In This Giving Season, Please Be Generous in Supporting our Mission!

Our funds drive has begun, and your committee is hoping for a successful one. In this season of giving, please remember our community and our branch’s mission to help those we donate to – high school seniors, Saddleback students, Tech Trek attendees, and others. From hearing from recipients, we know how much our help is appreciated.

Please remember, as you write your check, to indicate which area you are donating to: High School Scholarship, Saddleback College Scholarship, Tech Trek, or AAUW Funds. Mail the check to AAUW-SCCB. P.O. Box 1483, San Clemente. CA 92674.

I’m keeping this message brief so you have more time to write those checks and get them sent in. Barbara and Susan, your Co-VPs for Funds, wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

'Tis the Season for Giving

Tech Trek Fundraising: Paying the Bill

Raising funds to pay for Tech Trek and scholarships in the past has been easy and fun with wine tasting and other events, but COVID has put restrictions on group activities. We’re looking for ways to give spark to our fundraising! We are asking our members to donate at least $100, which doesn’t have to be done all at once. (Note: in years past members purchased tickets to the Home Tour. This is in lieu of that activity.) Donate any amount over $25 and up in one month. Your name will be added to our list of donors. At our monthly meeting, one member on the list will be randomly selected to receive an appreciation gift. Hope you enjoy and support our new fundraising offer!

Donate graphicOur branch has four project areas:

Saddleback College Scholarships in which we provide funds for women returning to college to complete their degrees,

Our high school Scholarships in which we help girls graduating from high school as they begin their college life,

Tech Trek in which we provide funds for junior high school girls to attend a STEM experience in the summer.

AAUW Funds in which we support AAUW Greater Needs, Educational Training, Economic Security, and Leadership Funds.

Remember as you decide how much to give, you can use some or all your Required Distribution from your IRA, pension plan or 401k account. We are hoping that each of us will decide to donate $100 this year. Your donation can be a one and done or come at separate times. Our official drive lasts from now through mid-March, but let’s just send in your tax-deductible donation now and avoid the rush. As you write your checks, please make them out to AAUWCA SPF, and designate in the memo line which area you would like your donation to go. If you are donating to more than one area, please write separate checks. There are samples included showing how to write the checks. If you have questions, please contact Barbara Karr or Susan Rosenberger.