Diversity and Inclusion

Creating Inclusive Spaces

Submitted by Miriam Kranser and Katherine Greene,
Diversity and Inclusion Co-Chairs

AAUW’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) tool kit includes a quote from diversity advocate Verna Myers, who said, “Diversity is being invited to the party, and inclusion is being asked to dance.” Members must feel welcomed, appreciated and respected.

A recent AAUW Zoom presentation on inclusion had four speakers, each from a different state, who described a successful program that they instituted within their community.

The speaker from Iowa explained how they teamed up with United Way to have workshops through their local library. Another speaker told how they reached out to a Professional Black Women’s group in their area. The woman from the Alexandria, VA branch indicated that they held a “speed meeting” similar to speed dating, where each person had a specified time to chat with one person before moving on to someone else.

Once we are back to meeting in person, our DEI committee, in conjunction with others, will explore what programs might work best for our branch. The “speed meeting” implemented in VA would be a good “getting to know you better” exercise, not only for prospective new members but also for current members.

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AAUW has made a commitment to Inclusion & Equity: