Welcome to the San Clemente – Capistrano Bay Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW)

AAUW San Clemente-Capistrano Bay Branch is an effective diverse and dynamic organization advocating equity for women and girls. The purpose of this Branch shall be to unite graduates of regionally accredited educational institutions in order to promote equity, education, intellectual growth, individual work and opportunities for women of all ages.

Please visit the pages of our website and learn more about our Branch, the work that we do, and the causes that we support. If you would like to know more about this branch or be a guest at one of our activities you may contact us by email.To learn more about AAUW, please visit What is AAUW ?



Why did you join AAUW?

I recently asked this question of our new Board members. Their responses said so much about what they value and what they expect of this organization.

Like so many, I initially joined to meet other women in similar circumstances. At the time I knew very little about AAUW. I loved the camaraderie which I found in my book discussion, International Interest and Bridge groups. But it wasn’t until I joined a Committee and then the Board that I learned the scope of all that AAUW has to offer.

Involvement with AAUW committees offers each of us a chance to work along- side other members to choose girls to attend Tech Trek camp, organize a day for young community college women to strive for leadership positions, register voters, generate donations for high school and college scholarships to insure that females are given a chance they may never have had, support women faculty in their fight for equal treatment at colleges and universities, lend our voice by signing petitions to forward the cause of equality, stay informed about what is happening on the Supreme Court and in Congress regarding legislation advancing our cause, learn from women of all ages, all political persuasions, all religions, who believe as we do that women deserve an equal chance, an equal say. That may not be why I joined initially, but that is why I have remained a member for all these years.

Looking back, I can see that AAUW has been a prominent character in the story of my life. Being involved has helped to give my life purpose. It has given me the opportunity to make my voice heard, it has brought me life-long friends and it has opened doors for me in ways that, at the time, I never imagined. I want every member to get all that AAUW membership has to offer. By joining committees, at- tending conferences, going online to the AAUW website to learn more, saying “YES!” when asked to lend a hand, and donating to the programs that speak to you, this is how you too will reap the rich rewards of your AAUW membership.

             San Clemente-Capistrano Bay Branch Vision Statement                                                   We are a dynamic AAUW branch serving our community with diverse and resourceful members, for the benefit of all women and girls, by offering services to improve the status of women and inspire young girls through scholarships, networking, stimulating events and workshops supported by fundraising, donations, grants, dues, and our extensive experience and commitment.


To learn more about AAUW, please visit What is AAUW ?